Building iHeart To Measure Internal Age

iHeart was initially developed to fulfill a promise our President, Dr. Jess Goodman made to his Tai Chi teacher, a Taoist monk. While he was terminally ill, the monk asked Dr. Goodman to do him a favor - to show people the health benefits associated with stretching the part of their bodies in-between the heart and the kidneys.

Fulfilling Our Promise

In order to fulfill his promise, Dr. Goodman began his research, to find that stiffness of the Aorta predicted risk of death from many proven causes. Factors such as stress, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet lead to stiffness of the Aorta and that the Aorta acts as a measure of stiffness along the spinal axis and as a measure of core mobility. The relationship between Aortic Stiffness and the risk of death from these causes, demonstrated the truth in Dr. Goodman’s Tai Chi teachers intent.

Helping You Improve Your Internal Health

Thus, iHeart was created as a tool to help people measure Internal Age and Aortic Stiffness and therefore realize the personal power they have to change their health and wellness. It was developed to give people an ability to monitor their bodies, encouraging behavior to feel well, avoid illness and live long lives.​