Helping you improve your internal health

Co-Founder & CEO

Sarah Goodman

Sarah has worked on iHeart Development since generation 1 prototype. Her experience in marketing and public relations as well as her designations as both a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) and certified personal trainer (CPT) provide her with the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader and communications professional for the VitalSines team.

Co-Founder, President & Chief Science Officer

Dr. Jess Goodman

Jess is a Physician in General Practice with experience in worn personal health monitoring electronics development and deployment. He is passionate about giving individuals better ways to visualize, monitor, and manage their health. Dr. Goodman spent years working to make this concept accessible and useful for people around the world. After many years, he and the iHeart team developed the iHeart pulse analysis system.

Co Founder & Technical Director

Ben Lewden

Ben is an engineer with experience in biosignal analysis, server based secure data management, oximeter arterial pulse signal acquisition, and analysis, Android and iPhone App development, web site programming, real time data communication/notification and PhD level research study design, study data collection and study data analysis. Ben has worked on many start-ups and has been a part of the iHeart team for 4 years.


Sindy Athanassoulis

Sindy is the Chief Financial Officer at VitalSines and has over fifteen years of experience in business and tax accounting in the health care and telecommunications industries. She brings a wide range of accounting experience including a specialization in managing and overseeing company’s financial health from start-up to profitability. She has been part of the VitalSines team since inception.

Communications Manager

Jimmy Leitch

Jimmy is the Communications & Support Manager at VitalSines. He is a Western Canadian native and has nearly 10 years experience working in design, communications and customer service. Jimmy is a specialist in digital publishing and marketing, with a passion for arts, culture, health and lifestyle on the west coast. Jimmy has been following the iHeart brand since it launched in 2015 and seeks to share new stories about how it can revolutionize personal wellness.


Why We Built iHeart Internal Age™

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Why build iHeart? iHeart was initially developed to fulfill a promise our President, Dr. Jess Goodman made to his Tai Chi teacher, a Taoist monk. While he was terminally ill, the monk asked Dr. Goodman to do him a favor - to show people the health benefits associated with stretching the part of their bodies in-between the heart and the kidneys.
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Fulfilling a Promise In order to fulfill his promise, Dr. Goodman began his research, to find that stiffness of the Aorta predicted risk of death from many proven causes. Factors such as stress, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet lead to stiffness of the Aorta and that the Aorta acts as a measure of stiffness along the spinal axis and as a measure of core mobility. The relationship between Aortic Stiffness and the risk of death from these causes, demonstrated the truth in Dr. Goodman’s Tai Chi teachers intent.
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iHeart Internal Age™ Thus, iHeart was created as a tool to help people measure Internal Age and Aortic Stiffness and therefore realize the personal power they have to change their health and wellness. It was developed to give people an ability to monitor their bodies, encouraging behavior to feel well, avoid illness and live long lives.​