Troy Tyrell

Owner of T Squared Personal Training

Troy offers over 18 years of training experience and has networked and trained with some of the best names in the local and international fitness and health industries. From Massage Therapists, Power lifters, Fitness Competitors to Athletic Trainers and Naturopathic Doctors and with over 15 years in recreational and recreationally competitive sports, Troy offers comprehensive knowledge of fitness and health trends and issues. Over the years, Troy continuously updates his skills and knowledge to ensure he is on top of the most current health and fitness trends. Through his personal training Career he has helped hundreds of people lose up to and more than 100lbs

As a recreational hockey player, mountain biker, volley-ball player, and multi-sport competitor, Troy must be continually on top of his training and be current on training techniques. He uses his knowledge from the early years of training with friends who were world-class record holding athletes, Personal trainers, and Fitness Competitors where Troy learned many new and different techniques to train the human body for maximum results. Troy also practices yoga and bases much of his training on principles following yoga philosophies.

Troy is currently studying to become a Clinical Exercise Specialist and additional certifications. He continually upgrades his knowledge by attending seminars, workshops and conferences such as BCRPA, Infofit & CAN-FIT PRO. Associated with INFOFIT Educators and EnerChanges™ Anti-Aging, Health and Fitness clinic, Troy is well versed in all aspects of health, fitness and lifestyle and brings this knowledge and energy to his clients to help them achieve the healthy state of well-being he enjoys every day.

Certifications and Education

BCRPA Certified Weight Training Instructor
BCRPA Personal Trainer, Postural Analysis
First aid & CPR

“It is my intention to provide a service that changes people’s lives everyday. Clients will experience improved self-confidence, health, wellness, appearance, strength and flexibility.”