Our Dragon’s Den Experience - 5 Dragons, 4 Offers

By Sarah Goodman, Mar 1, 2017 | lifestyle

As many of our Canadian users know we were recently featured on Dragon’s Den, a nation-wide show that is the same as Shark Tank in the USA. We realize that our International customers and fans can’t watch the pitch as it can be streamed only in Canada, so we want to let you know what happened by showing you images of what went down! Read More

We’re live on Dragon’s Den this Wednesday!

By Sarah Goodman, Feb 13, 2017 | iHeart, lifestyle, tv

We auditioned for Dragon’s Den (Canada’s Shark Tank) last year, got accepted to pitch to the Dragons, and our pitch is going to be live on the show this Wednesday, February 15th at 8pm EST for all to see! We tried our hardest to describe why iHeart is an amazing tool for people all over the world to use to improve their internal health and see how positive lifestyle choices affect their internal age on both the short term, and long term. We can’t wait to hear what you think of … Read More

The Connection Between Eastern And Western Perspectives On Health

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Dec 12, 2016 | health

For centuries there has been a wide separation between Eastern and Western medical thought. The Eastern approach has been integrative and the Western discriminative. Western medical science has uncovered evidence that the Eastern approach has validity and an ability to promote health and longevity. The spine, rib cage and diaphragm muscle are connected and stiffness of the spine will induce restricted motion of the rib cage and diaphragm. I have coined the term Core Mobility for mobility of the … Read More

Cursed by Genetics; Guided to Health

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Nov 2, 2016 | health, lifestyle

Cursed by Genetics; Guided to HealthYesterday I used the iheart Internal Age system to test a father and his two daughters. The father was in his 50’s but a few weeks before had angioplasty to treat critically narrowed coronary arteries that feed the heart muscle. He and his two daughters both had Internal Age scores decades higher than their chronological age. They looked perfectly healthy they shared a tendency to develop increased stiffness of the spine and body’s core regions lea… Read More

iHeart at b8ta - IoT retail shop

By Sarah Goodman, Sep 1, 2016 | lifestyle, health

We are proud to announce that today iHeart is live in b8ta, an Internet of things retail store in Palo Alto, San Francisco. The creators of b8ta created this one of a kind shop to help people discover, experience, and learn about the latest tech products firsthand. At b8ta you can try every single product in store, with help from a trained b8ta staff member. We are so very happy to be placed in such a great store among other amazing products. You can read about more products featured at b8ta her… Read More

How iHeart Measures Pulse Wave Velocity Differently (and better)

By Sarah Goodman, Aug 11, 2016 | lifestyle, science

Five years ago, Pulse Wave Velocity was a relatively unknown term. It is still quite unknown to most, but lately a few companies have released tools that measure Pulse Wave Velocity, a measure of Aortic Stiffness, that are much easier to use and much more cost effective than the $25,000 medical device that was the only option for measurement just a few years ago. Read More

Video - Dr. Goodman explains Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Jul 27, 2016 | lifestyle

In the first video of the ‘Dr. Goodman Explains..’ series, Dr. Goodman talks about Pulse Wave Velocity, what it is, and why it matters to your health.The iHeart Internal Age System is a revolutionary personal health monitoring tool that measures Pulse Wave Velocity in 30-seconds simply through the pulse in the finger. Before iHeart the only method to attain this information rich health parameter was via a $25,000 device, Dr. Goodman developed iHeart so people all over the world could… Read More

iHeart 7 Week Challenge: Week 5 | Express Gratitude

By Kelsey Wood, Jul 14, 2016 | 7 Week Challenge, Lifestyle, Health

I am not really a morning person— I wake up quite slowly and it’s a real slog for me to workout before 9am. Monday morning last week I opened my eyes, lying in bed, and took an iHeart reading: Internal Age 42 (Pulse Wave Velocity 9.08 m/s). I closed my eyes and started thinking about all the things I was grateful for, then I accidentally fell asleep and woke up an hour later! I guess I was tired. Tuesday I managed to do a bit better, thanks to my phone timer. I woke up, stayed in bed and t… Read More

iHeart 7 Week Challenge: Week 4 | Get Some Exercise

By Kelsey Wood, Jul 8, 2016 | 7 Week Challenge, Fitness

I can’t believe it’s already been a month of Dr.G’s Challenge and I have to say— I am loving my new habits! Hot water with lemon first thing in the morning, drinking plenty of water throughout the day and a 30 minute walk in the evenings. Last week’s challenge stepped it up - participate in aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate up to 70% of your maximum for age for 30 minutes at least every two days! Read More

iHeart 7 Week Challenge: Week 3 | Drinking Well

By Kelsey Wood, Jun 21, 2016 | Lifestyle, Diet, Fitness, 7 Week Challenge

Another week of the iHeart 7 Week Challenge has passed and I can honestly say that I am sticking to my new habits! They are small, simple changes that have been pretty easy to introduce but if I keep them up I can expect significant improvements for my health and wellbeing. I think writing about my experience has also helped to keep me accountable. In case you just got here, this is where I’m at on the challenge: Read More

LagreeXiHeart Event at Lagree West

By Sarah Goodman, Jun 15, 2016 | iHeart News, Fitness

Lagree fitness is a low impact, high intensity, full body workout designed by celebrity trainer Sebastian Lagree. It combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core and flexibility training in each move and utilizes a spring based resistance trainer called the Megaformer. Read More

iHeart 7 Week Challenge: Week 2 | Conscious Eating

By Kelsey Wood, Jun 15, 2016 | Lifestyle, Diet, Nutrition, 7 Week Challenge

Well I was right about one thing, this part of the challenge was very interesting! I am a bit embarrassed to admit it, but conscious eating is incredibly difficult for me. I didn’t realize how ingrained my distracted eating habits had become. I really have to make a concerted effort to avoid doing other activities that distract me from the pleasure of meal. Read More

iHeart 7 Week Challenge: Week 1 | Take A Walk

By Kelsey Wood, Jun 6, 2016 | Lifestyle, Diet, Fitness, 7 Week Challenge

Last week I started the iHeart 7 week challenge. Week 1’s challenge was to take a 30 minute walk in a park-like setting every day. I monitored my health with iHeart using a baseline internal age recording in the morning before any food or drink to compare to my internal age recording after my walks. I saw a steady decline in my internal age across the week and after each walk. On Day 4 my internal age finally matched my actual age, 29! Read More

On a Personal Note: Why I Use iHeart

By Kelsey Wood, May 31, 2016 | lifestyle, diet, fitness, 7 Week Challenge

This year, I am turning 30. I have been lucky to live a healthy life so far. I try to eat well although I tend to eat a lot. I try to head out for a run, go to boot camp and drop-in to a dance class at least once a week but sometimes none of these things happen and I end up watching a whole season of House of Cards on Netflix instead. I try to sleep 8 hours a night and go to bed on the right side of midnight however if I’m being honest the right side of midnight really only happens a couple ti… Read More

Overall Barometer of Health

By Dr. Jess Goodman, May 9, 2016 | lifestyle

Walking this weekend through one of Vancouver’s lovely urban forests a man and his Labrador approached my wife and I on the path. He mentioned that his dog was 16 years old. My wife responded that our Standard Poodle was 14 years old. It turned out that both dogs had been walked mostly in natural surroundings and not on city streets. Read More

iHeart on Dragon’s Den

By Sarah Goodman, Apr 27, 2016 | lifestyle

This past week VitaSines CEO Sarah Goodman and President and Founder Dr. Jess Goodman, inventor of the iHeart System, travelled to Toronto to pitch on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. This has been a wonderful two year experience for our team. We were accepted asked to go on the show last season but had to decline as we didn’t think it was the right time to really impress the Dragons, so we held back and waited to audition for Season 11. The team auditioned in Vancouver six months ago, when… Read More

Do You Have a Dirty Brain?

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Apr 12, 2016 | lifestyle

The brain is fussy and needs a squeaky clean environment to function well. It is not difficult to improve brain health, feel more energy, have better recall and avoid developing dementia. The explanation below dives into the science but your brain will thank you for the effort of reading on. Read More

iHeart Wins 2nd Place at M2D2 Challenge

By Sarah Goodman, Apr 11, 2016 | lifestyle

We’re pleased to announce that iHeart won 2nd place in the Boston Scientific category in the M2D2 Challenge in Boston, Massachusetts. M2D2 rewards innovation in health technology for our device and Internal Age App. Dr. Jess Goodman was in Boston to pitch at the competition on March 23rd with 18 other health-tech companies. The 2nd place prize of $7,500 will go towards working with Boston Scientific to use iHeart technology to develop health solutions. We are looking forward to working wit… Read More

Run the Race of Life, Finish Last

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Apr 4, 2016 | lifestyle, 7 Week Challenge

Remember that it takes one lunar cycle, 28 days, to establish a new habit. In seven weeks you will feel more energy, love yourself more, have less long term risk of heart disease, stroke and dementia. After seven weeks your life expectancy will increase by at least five years. Each week you will add a life changing but simple lifestyle modification. Continue each one of these modifications through the seven week challenge and possibly for the rest of your life. Once a week you will do iHeart t… Read More

​Your Internal Organs Care for You. How do you Care For Them? Let’s Talk About It.

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Mar 30, 2016 | lifestyle

A number of years ago I was studying Tai Chi under the guidance of a Taoist monk. He had patiently been teaching me for twenty years and at the end of his life asked me to show people health benefits associated with stretching between the heart and kidneys. Fulfilling this request has been a journey that has completely changed my understanding of health and the power we each have to feel better and live longer. Read More

New Study Found Link between Aortic Stiffness and Early Brain Injury Leading to Cognitive Decline

By Sarah Goodman, Mar 29, 2016 | lifestyle

A new study out of the University of California’s Davis School of Medicine found a link between increased aortic stiffness and early signs of brain injury, which can potentially lead to Alzheimer’s disease, in healthy, middle-aged adults. Scientists are claiming that signs of cognitive decline, which can potentially lead to Alzheimer’s disease, can be detected in the brain at a much earlier age than previously believed. Read More

Today my 32 Year Old Daughter Turned 26

By Sarah Goodman, Mar 15, 2016 | lifestyle

Today my 32 year old daughter Sarah turned 26. She was born in 1983 and has a chronological age of 32 but was injured in a hit and run accident 11 months ago. She was hit by a speeding black SUV and thrown across a street in Vancouver, suffering a concussion, facial trauma and widespread injury to her tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues. Read More

iHeart Ambassador Interview - The Nourished Yogini

By Sarah Goodman, Mar 9, 2016 | lifestyle

The Nourished Yogini AKA Leanne Gerich is a health and wellness professional and one of the first iHeart Ambassadors. She is a registered nutritionist and yoga instructor in Vancouver, BC. Feeling great at any age is the ultimate goal for her clients and her highest interests include skin health, proper weight maintenance and sufficient energy levels. Win a one on one session with Leanne and an iHeart device at the end of this article. Read More

The Story of iHeart - A Taoist Monk’s Dying Wish

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Mar 3, 2016 | lifestyle

iHeart was initially developed to fulfill a promise I made to my Tai Chi teacher, a Taoist monk. While he was terminally ill, he asked me to do him a favor, to show people health benefits associated with stretching between the heart and the kidneys. Yoga and Tai Chi have for centuries taught that maintaining mobility of the core regions of the body (including the ‘great cavities’ of the spine, chest, abdomen and pelvis) is essential to health. Core Mobility allows the diaphragm to ma… Read More

5 Active Ways to Spend This Valentine’s Day

By Sarah Goodman, Feb 11, 2016 | lifestyle, fitness

The central focus of Valentine’s Day for many people seems to evolve around fancy dinners and decadent treats whether with friends, family or significant others. I love a great meal and chocolate truffles just as much as the next person, but sometimes I find all the rich food overwhelming and a little boring. Mix up your typical Valentine’s Day celebration with these 5 fun and active choices: Read More

The Heart of the Matter

By Sarah Goodman, Feb 4, 2016 | Lifestyle

It’s Heart Month! The heart is vitally responsible for just about everything that gives your body life, so make sure your heart is healthy- for Heart Month and every other month of your life! Here are some things to keep an eye on: Read More


By Sarah Goodman, Jan 26, 2016 | lifestyle

We were proud to showcase at the BC Tech Summit last week. The conference was a success and showcased the multitude of tech companies creating amazing products in British Columbia. We always love exposing iHeart to the public and educating people on their personal power to lower their Internal Age, live longer and healthier! Read More

Realistic Resolutions to Help You Feel Better Right Now

By Sarah Goodman, Jan 8, 2016 | lifestyle

New Year’s Eve has come and gone and now it’s that time where everyone and their mother decides that they are going to make a complete life-180 and change EVERYTHING. How many times has that worked for you in the past? I’m guessing close to none. We see the beginning of a new year as a fresh start, which is great, but filling our heads with unrealistic resolutions will just cause guilt and shame in the future when we don’t complete 100 days of yoga straight, or go from a … Read More

A Different Way to Look at Stress with Dr. G

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Dec 1, 2015 | lifestyle

Emotional and physical issues contribute to stress. Long term stress is well known to have negative consequences, leading to fatigue, a decline in mood and impaired physical health. It is important to recognize how short term, minor stress affects many aspects of human life and that there are ways to recognize and manage stress points. Read More

Five Things to do Over the Weekend to Lower Your Internal Age

By Sarah Goodman, Oct 23, 2015 | lifestyle

It’s Friday and let’s all rejoice that the weekend is finally here. Weekends are a time to relax, let loose, and melt away the stresses of the week. Each weekend I like to unwind and try to do a few things that will help lower my internal age, which make me feel great and counteract the things I do that increase my Internal Age. Balance is key. Read More

Getting in Touch With Your Heart

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Oct 13, 2015 | lifestyle

It’s easy to drive a car. Turn the key, slip it into gear and press on the accelerator. The many sensors located throughout modern vehicle make it unnecessary to stress about your car’s health. When your tire pressure is low a tire icon appears on your dash. When I’m running low on fuel my car lets me know. What if you could get messages when your Heart is in need of attention? Read More

Aortic Stiffness a predictor of Dementia and Cognitive Decline

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Oct 8, 2015 | lifestyle

The brain is a fantastic organ, it holds our thoughts and memories and controls many bodily functions. The thought of losing the ability to think intelligently is a common fear. Aortic Stiffness, the health metric used by iHeart to determine your Internal Age, has been shown in recent studies to be correlated with Cognitive Decline and Dementia. The Aorta is the body’s largest blood vessel running from the heart through the chest and abdomen. Read More

We’ve made it into the top 100 at IHX CHALLENGE 2015!

By Sarah Goodman, Aug 11, 2015 | lifestyle

We’re proud to announce that we’ve made as one of the top 100 companies to compete in the Interface Health Challenge 2015. Interface Health Excellence Challenge is a global competition to find the world’s most innovative digital health entrepreneurs. Think “The Olympics of digital health innovation”. We’re so excited to have made it this far in such a great competition, and it’s in Vancouver. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Read More

H20- Look better, Move better, Feel better

By Alex Ackerley, Aug 4, 2015 | lifestyle

With the warmer months upon us, many of us will be enjoying the sunshine and getting outside for both exercise and leisure. Whilst it is great to get out and enjoy the warmth, it is very important to keep hydrated as we do so. Read More

Tracking Internal Age After Recovering from an Injury

By Sarah Goodman, Jun 10, 2015 | lifestyle

December of last year I was hit by a car while walking across the street. I’m a very active individual, and this accident took activity away from me for quite awhile. I’ve been using iHeart for over two years, tracking how lifestyle choices I make affect my Internal Age readings and tweaking my decisions based on what works best. I’ve just gotten back into doing some of my regular activities but I am consistently getting Internal Age readings of over 50 years old (I’m 31)… Read More

iHeart Cuts Through the Crap and Gives it To You Straight.

By Donnalyn Murphy, Apr 16, 2015 | lifestyle

Ever wonder if it’s all worth it? After sorting through all the conflicting information about what’s good for you and what’s not, are the things you’ve decided to do in the name of better health, actually doing any good? Now you don’t have to wonder! iHeart cuts through the crap and gives it to you straight. iHeart tells you your age on the inside, your Internal Age. Read More

Benefits Of The Ancient Art of Cupping

By , Apr 7, 2015 | lifestyle

When we think of Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and herbal remedies typically come to mind. There are however many other aspects that make up this ancient Oriental medicine, in particular a treatment commonly referred to as cupping. Early documentation dates the practice of cupping back to 300 AD but many people are unaware of this treatment and its many incredible benefits. Read More

Eat Better – Melanie’s Top 10 Food Choices.

By , Apr 3, 2015 | diet

I spend a large part of my time researching, learning, and teaching the benefits of good nutrition. It saddens me to see how the food industry has been taken over by greed, and how, in many cases, poor quality products have taken the place of wholesome food. Health Canada continues to warn of the increasing incidence of obesity and obesity related diseases in this country. It is predicted that if our young people continue on this path of self-destruction, they will be the first generation unlike… Read More

Dr. G Explains iHeart to Men’s Health Magazine

By Sarah Goodman, Apr 2, 2015 | lifestyle

This year our team went to the huge tech, music and film conference/festival South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. While we were there exhibiting Men’s Health Magazine noticed that we had quite a constant line up at our booth and decided to check out what we were up to. They were so impressed they asked our President and Founder Dr. G for an interview to educate their listeners on our product iHeart! Listen here. Read More

Vitamin N Deficiency

By , Mar 12, 2015 | lifestyle

A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency found that Americans spend an average of 93% of their life indoors. When I read this statistic I was not only shocked, but also hoped the percentage in Canada would be significantly higher. I was dismayed to discover that according to the Health Canada, Canadians spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. Spending so much of our time inside has huge implications on our health and wellbeing. Read More

First 150+ iHeart Devices Have Shipped!

By Sarah Goodman, Feb 25, 2015 | blog

After a successful Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign we have shipped over 150 iHeart Devices to our early adopters all over the world! These are the first people that will be using the iHeart device and App to monitor their health and wellness by measuring Internal Age. This is such an exciting day and we just can’t wait until our VIPs get their devices. Read More

The Power of Floating

By , Jan 27, 2015 | lifestyle

By now most people have heard of this concept called floating. Vancouver alone has over 5 different places to float, including Float House, Pure Float, Metta Rest Spa and Float Yaletown. For those of you curious, floating consists of lying in a tank of water with highly concentrated levels of Epsom salt. The tank is devoid of light and sound therefore it is also referred to as a sensory deprivation tank. The water is not deep and you will float as if you are in the Dead Sea. Like most people I w… Read More

A New Window on the Human Condition Opens

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Dec 15, 2014 | lifestyle

For 20 years I learned Tai Chi from a Taoist monk and had many positive, life changing experiences. At the end of his life he asked me to show people health benefits that flow from stretching between the heart and the kidneys. Tai Chi, Yoga and other ancient Eastern movement arts focus on stretching along the spinal axis. Read More

Personal Health: How Healthy Do You Think You Are?

By Suzanne Zilkowsky, Dec 10, 2014 | lifestyle

More than 45 mllion Americans now belong to a health club, and $19 billion a year is spent on gym memberships. Unfortunately, some people will join a gym, but never make it through the front door. Still, as one major study – the Minnesota Heart Survey – found, more of us at least say we exercise regularly. The survey ran from 1980, when only 47% of respondents said they engaged in regular exercise, to 2000, when the figure had grown to 57%. And yet obesity figures have risen dramaticall… Read More

Keeping Your Organs Happy and Healthy

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Dec 10, 2014 | lifestyle

Life is supported by the actions of the body’s internal organs. These include the heart and lungs in the chest cavity and the liver, spleen, pancreas, intestines and kidneys in the abdominal cavity. These organs are mostly soft and squishy. Organs can be thought of as sponge-like. Circulation of blood through each organ depends on alternating compression and relaxation cycles. Read More

Top 5 Stretches To Do At Work

By Suzanne Zilkowsky, Dec 8, 2014 | Fitness

As our work demands that we sit for longer hours in front of computer screens, behind desks, or at check-out counters, many of us are now noticing negative changes in our bodies. With major advances in computer technology, experts are suggesting that future trends in the workplace could lead to even more time spent sitting. Read More

Food and Mood: 10 Steps to Happiness

By , Nov 24, 2014 | diet

With all the information that is available to us today, and all that research has to offer, you can begin to select food that can power your brain, modify your moods, and consequently make you a more effective, motivated and likely even more happy individual. Read More

Acupuncture: Healing the Body from Stress and Bringing Peace to the Mind

By , Nov 22, 2014 | lifestyle

Under any type of stress, whether its external or internal, the body’s natural reaction is to tense up. It does this as a form of protection. We have all felt this sensation before; our arms draw in closer to the body, shoulders raise, jaw clenches and skeletal muscles flex. This is our fight or flight mechanism kicking in and it is designed to save our lives in a moment of impeding danger. For many of us however, our lives become a constant state of fight or flight. We under sleep and over wo… Read More

Preventing Aortic Stiffness is the Link to Living a Longer Life

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Oct 29, 2014 | lifestyle

Aortic stiffness is a measure of health not many people are familiar with, but should be. The stiffness of your aorta has been shown in many scientific articles to be a powerful indicator of internal health. Aortic stiffness is a bellwether (a warning sign) of what’s going on in your body’s core regions, where most of your vital internal organs are located. Read More

iHeart made it into the CIX Top 20!

By Sarah Goodman, Oct 21, 2014 | lifestyle

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve made it into the CIX Top 20 for 2014. The 2014 CIX Top 20 is a showcase of the hottest, most innovative Canadian companies in ICT and Digital Media. And they chose us! Read More

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet

By Leanne Gerich, Oct 10, 2014 | Diet

In this day and age, nutrition can be confusing. How can we improve our diet? How can you eat to reach optimal health? There are many theories out there, but let’s not make how we eat stressful. Follow these guideline to achieve a sustainable, balanced, healthy lifestyle each day. Read More

Physiological Age? How? Why?

By Sarah Goodman, Sep 10, 2014 | lifestyle

iHeart is launching in October 2014 and we’d love to give you guys a sneak peak before anyone else. Some are confused as to what the iHeart device is, and how it works. Allow me to explain. Read More

5 Ways to Naturally Lower Your Internal Age

By Sarah Goodman, Jul 31, 2014 | lifestyle

By supporting the body with positive daily choices, you can give your body a helpful boost to improve circulation, cleanse, and detox of harmful toxins. Follow any (or all!) of these easy 5 little changes and watch yourself get younger and healthier from the inside out. Read More