5 Lifestyle Habits For Lowering Your Internal Age, pt. 1

Oct 11, 2017 by | healthy living, lifestyle, health, disease prevention

Being Healthy Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Whether you’re already an iHeart user or not, the idea of improving your organ health and lowering your Internal Age is likely an incredibly appealing concept.

We often consider good health to be the product of extreme commitments like vigorous gym sessions and daily 6am runs, but what if I told you that the word extreme does not need to be involved?

Below is a list of 5 day-to-day things that can be done to make your lifestyle more healthy. The benefits will be felt across the board and improvements will be noticed in everything from your physical and mental health to overall mood and fatigue levels. Tracked over time using iHeart, you can also expect to witness the gradual lowering of iHeart Internal Age readings.

For those really looking to shake things up part 2 of this list (coming next week) will be a little less day-to-day than the following, but in the nature of iHeart will still avoid inclusion of anything that could be considered 'extreme'!

Stretch for a few minutes every morning

Even as little as 5-10 minutes of stretching in the morning will result in marked improvements in overall mood and flexibility. Focus on the area between the chest and pelvis to increase flexibility in the core, and enjoy the benefits of a wider range of motion, reduced aching and increased energy levels throughout the day.

iHeart Internal Age specifically focuses on measuring stiffness of the aorta; the body’s largest artery that runs through this core region. The more flexible your core, the lower your Internal Age readings will be and the lower the risk of future cardiovascular and brain disease.

Meditation or prayer

Regardless of your religious beliefs, a dedicated moment of peace and clarity is hugely beneficial to a healthy mind. Deliberately expressing positive regard for your life and the things in it, and taking a moment to process your thoughts and feelings, works like a primer for a positive mental attitude.

Meditation: Express positive regard for your life

Reduce your intake of sugar, sodium and fast food

Your body is a temple; put good things in it and it will be good to you. Moderating your intake of foods high in sugar and salt will cause weight loss, improved organ functionality and a self-perpetuating self-confidence that will make this one easier and easier to achieve as time goes on.

Get at least 6 hours of sleep regularly

If this one is challenging then it may be time to put more effort into sleeping well! Whether it’s by intentionally going to bed earlier or seeking help for conditions that are preventing its accomplishment, it’s important that we give our body time to recoup after a long day.

No cell phones around during dinner or before bed

Our cell phones emit blue-and-white light that affects our brains by restricting them from releasing the melatonin necessary to sleep efficiently. Melatonin helps our bodies to subconsciously prepare for sleep, which in turn allows us to sleep better. By using our cell phones (and other screens) before bed we are limiting our chances at a good night’s sleep, which as we discussed above is essential to good health.

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