The Connection Between Eastern And Western Perspectives On Health

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Dec 12, 2016 | health

For centuries there has been a wide separation between Eastern and Western medical thought. The Eastern approach has been integrative and the Western discriminative. Western medical science has uncovered evidence that the Eastern approach has validity and an ability to promote health and longevity. The spine, rib cage and diaphragm muscle are connected and stiffness of the spine will induce restricted motion of the rib cage and diaphragm. I have coined the term Core Mobility for mobility of the … Read More

Cursed by Genetics; Guided to Health

By Dr. Jess Goodman, Nov 2, 2016 | health, lifestyle

Cursed by Genetics; Guided to HealthYesterday I used the iheart Internal Age system to test a father and his two daughters. The father was in his 50’s but a few weeks before had angioplasty to treat critically narrowed coronary arteries that feed the heart muscle. He and his two daughters both had Internal Age scores decades higher than their chronological age. They looked perfectly healthy they shared a tendency to develop increased stiffness of the spine and body’s core regions lea… Read More

iHeart at b8ta - IoT retail shop

By Sarah Goodman, Sep 1, 2016 | lifestyle, health

We are proud to announce that today iHeart is live in b8ta, an Internet of things retail store in Palo Alto, San Francisco. The creators of b8ta created this one of a kind shop to help people discover, experience, and learn about the latest tech products firsthand. At b8ta you can try every single product in store, with help from a trained b8ta staff member. We are so very happy to be placed in such a great store among other amazing products. You can read about more products featured at b8ta her… Read More

iHeart 7 Week Challenge: Week 5 | Express Gratitude

By Kelsey Wood, Jul 14, 2016 | 7 Week Challenge, Lifestyle, Health

I am not really a morning person— I wake up quite slowly and it’s a real slog for me to workout before 9am. Monday morning last week I opened my eyes, lying in bed, and took an iHeart reading: Internal Age 42 (Pulse Wave Velocity 9.08 m/s). I closed my eyes and started thinking about all the things I was grateful for, then I accidentally fell asleep and woke up an hour later! I guess I was tired. Tuesday I managed to do a bit better, thanks to my phone timer. I woke up, stayed in bed and t… Read More