H20- Look better, Move better, Feel better

Aug 4, 2015 by Alex Ackerley | lifestyle

With the warmer months upon us, many of us will be enjoying the sunshine and getting outside for both exercise and leisure. Whilst it is great to get out and enjoy the warmth, it is very important to keep hydrated as we do so.

Water is one of the most important nutrients in the body and is needed for many different functions. It helps to regulate the volume of our blood, thus helping to regulate our blood pressure, and is secreted out of our body in the form of sweat to help cool us down and regulate body temperature. Water is also needed to absorb water-soluble vitamins and nutrients into the cells as well as to perform chemical reactions in our body and aid in digestion and excretion.

Keeping hydrated will help your skin to look younger, but that's not the only benefit!

Warning signs of Dehydration:



-dizziness and light-headedness

-dark-coloured urine and/or less frequent urination

-dry mouth

-dry skin


Tips to stay hydrated:

-Be prepared; make sure you drink plenty of water before heading outside

-Always keep a water bottle handy & sip frequently

-Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks: as much as we wish they would help quench our thirst, these drinks actually further dehydrate us.

...if you are going to drink alcohol, be sure to have some water between drinks to avoid dehydration and a nasty hangover.

-Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables everyday, these foods contain plenty of water

-If you find you don't drink enough water, use a trigger to remind to to drink more frequently (eg. Every time you go to the toilet, answer a phone call or check Facebook

Author: Alex Ackerley

Owner of Better-Bodies Health Solutions, Alex came to Vancouver from England in 2007 and hit the ground running. As a rehab specialist he honed his craft for two years before following his passion for sports performance (Alex played professional Rugby in England and New Zealand and has represented Canada in international 7’s) and opening up to general population clients. He built from there, meeting his now wife and business partner Melanie. Together they started Better-Bodies in 2011 and have combined the mantras of Holistic Nutrition with Functional performance based training to help enhance the lives of their clients. Alex has a degree in Sport & Exercise Science and is a certified Titleist Golf fitness Professional.