I have my iHeart, I’ve done my first test, now what?

May 14, 2015 by Donnalyn Murphy | lifestyle

I have my iHeart, I've done my first test, now what?

First of all, congratulations! You rock! You're my kind of person, a take-charge-of-your-own-health-and-happiness kind of person. After all, you know your body best. That's where you live!

So, whether you're happy with your score, a little bummed or absolutely freaking out, not to worry. There are lots of things you can do to maintain or improve your iHeart Internal Age score. First though, there are a few universal principals to understand:

1. Bioindividuality – No two people are exactly alike so just because something works well for one person doesn't mean it will work well for another. If that wasn't the case, there would only be one self-help book;

2. Primary Food – There are a whole lot of things that feed us but some aren't things we eat. Nutrition is a very, very important determinant of Internal Age, but primary foods play a significant role as well;

3. Balance & Lifestyle – When we are healthy our body is in balance. When we aren't healthy, we are out of balance in some way. Regardless of the symptom or symptoms our body is outwardly displaying, often when we initiate steps to restore balance, and then simply get out of the way, our body takes care of business. Our bodies are very wise and have a remarkable capacity to heal. Health is their default. Whether our goal is to get in shape, to lose weight, to sleep better, to have more energy or to lower Internal Age, the steps to getting there can be the same. A team requires the efforts of all players in all positions to win. One great player is not enough. Similarly, no single improvement can alone replace a healthy lifestyle and no one step is the most important. Success comes from adopting a lifestyle that promotes health which then leads to happiness. A healthy lifestyle turns on disease preventing genes and turns off disease promoting genes. The effects of living a healthy lifestyle can in some cases be felt very quickly. Feeling great is great incentive to keep doing what you're doing, and then to do even more.

Okay, how do you maintain or improve your iHeart Internal Age?

Dr. Goodman, iHeart's genius creator, has researched this topic thoroughly. Here are 5 areas to focus on, direct from his findings:

Tai Chi, Yoga, Stretching: These types of activities emphasize mobility in the core region of your body, extremely beneficial to decreasing aortic stiffness, the key to growing younger on the inside.

Omega 3s: Arteries are more flexible in a body continually supplied with omega 3s. Flax seeds and wild wish are great sources.

Vitamin D3: Optimizing levels of this hormone increases the flexibility of your aorta while also contributing significantly to your improved immune status.

Hydration: Just as shrivelled up plants can't flourish, neither can a dried out you. Water and green tea, like Agarwood or Matcha, provide the best hydration for your body. Caffeine negatively influences aortic flexibility so consider less coffee or no coffee. Green teas like Matcha have less caffeine than coffee and Agarwood tea supplies great energy with none.

Garlic: Garlic keeps the vampires away and contributes to a more flexible aorta. Consume it as often as possible.

What else? Your first thoughts were probably to look to Diet and Exercise and you were right. They matter …

Diet: The smartest thing you can do in this regard is to eat as many plants as you can, every day. You can still consume other foods but make vegetables your biggest food group and part of every meal.

Exercise: You must move your body daily. Sitting is the new smoking and it stinks, too. Start wherever you're at, like with a 30 minute walk daily, and then, when that's comfortable, kick it up a notch.

As do …

Sleep: Not giving your body the sleep it needs to rejuvenate every night is not a badge of honour or an acceptable sign of the times. It's actually hugely detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Do whatever it takes to get quality sleep nightly. Adding quiet time to your day is also a great idea. It helps to manage stress. Schedule breaks, multitask less and consider meditation to increase your productivity. Our smartphones and other devices mean we can be connected anytime, anywhere, making everyone feel as though they live in the city that doesn't sleep. Sometimes that's great but sometimes stepping away from our devices increases our productivity.

Detox: The best and easiest way to address this is to stop putting anything in or on your body that isn't natural. When your body isn't spending energy trying to figure out what things are and what to do with them, it has time and energy to follow your to do list for the day instead.

Relationships & Community: What are we here for anyway? What's the meaning of your life? We have no choice but to participate in the unpleasant parts of life but we can also paint ourselves into our bigger picture according to our own design. Don't spend your precious time with people that bring you down. Find activities and relationships that are supportive and that bring meaning and purpose to your life. Find a career that is satisfying or a way to bring joy into a career that isn't. Actively seek opportunities to spend time with people you enjoy, to laugh and love, to learn, to feel joy and to wonder.

Try following these 10 steps. Measure your Internal Age with iHeart daily and view your results on your iHeart dashboard. Notice which of the steps above most positively impact your Internal Age. Download my free app (below) for even more iHeart Internal Age lowering gems. There's a journal on the app to help you keep track of your efforts in greater detail if you wish.

Following these steps will help you develop and discover the best lifestyle choices to get you to your ideal Internal Age which means a long, happy, healthy life! See you there!

Your iHeart Health Coach Ambassador, Donnalyn

Donnalyn Murphy, B.A., B.Ed., INHC, BCHHP

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Author: Donnalyn Murphy

Donnalyn Murphy’s knowledge of health and nutrition began with many years of self-study, first in an attempt to help her body deal with various health challenges, and second, with the goal of raising a healthy family. As she witnessed herself vibrantly living a life very different from her doctors’ negative prognosis, and as she observed the development of her active and very healthy children, she knew she had information the world needed. Seeking credentials, and to further her knowledge, she enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City where she learned from the best of the best in health, nutrition, functional and integrative medicine. Donnalyn is now a Board Certified Health Coach and a proud iHeart Ambassador!