iHeart 7 Week Challenge: Week 1 | Take A Walk

Jun 6, 2016 by Kelsey Wood | Lifestyle, Diet, Fitness, 7 Week Challenge

Last week I started the iHeart 7 week challenge. Week 1’s challenge was to take a 30 minute walk in a park-like setting every day. I monitored my health with iHeart using a baseline internal age recording in the morning before any food or drink to compare to my internal age recording after my walks. I saw a steady decline in my internal age across the week and after each walk. On Day 4 my internal age finally matched my actual age, 29!

Walking for 30 minutes a day turned out to be a fairly easy habit to start building. I usually took my walks after lunch, around the time when I typically feel a bit sleepy. I work from home, where my backyard borders a park, the perfect place to take my walks! The walks turned out to be a great mood booster and I felt more focused when I returned to work. My partner also works from home so I convinced him to join me on these walks. It helps to stay motivated when you have someone else around to keep you accountable!

Everything was going so well during the week but the weekend came and I got busy volunteering at a local festival. I was walking around lots on both days but I didn’t get a chance to record my Internal Age at baseline and post 30 minute walk. There is no point dwelling on this though, especially since I am now 7 years younger than I was last week at baseline! Also, Week 2 of the iHeart 7 week challenge is here!

Week 2 is all about ‘Conscious Eating’. A growing body of research suggests that a slower, more thoughtful way of eating could help with weight problems and maybe steer some people away from processed food and unhealthy choices.

Here is the challenge broken down. While you’re eating:

-Focus on the gift of life sustaining nourishment being offered to you

-Avoid reading, watching tv, use of computer/smartphone/tablet

-Chew slowly to taste and enjoy each bite

-Honour your body’s message of fullness: Leave food on our plate or put the food away for later

-Avoid eating 90 minutes before sleeping

I usually check my email during breakfast, check out Twitter at lunch and watch TV at dinner so up until this point you can be sure I have not been practicing conscious eating! I also have the habit of trying to finish everything on my plate even if I’m full- a relic behaviour from childhood dinners. This part of the challenge will be very interesting! I’ve got a few bad habits to break and a few good ones to make. I am going to continue to measure my baseline internal age in the morning before any food or drink and then after each mindful meal. Let’s see if I can get my internal age lower than my actual age!

Remember that this challenge isn’t just about seeing if you can do something health positive for 7 days in a row, it’s about making and keeping lifelong habits. I’ll be continuing to take 30 minute walks every day, a simple habit for long term health!

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Author: Kelsey Wood

Kelsey is an entrepreneur specializing in brand communications and community building with a passion for storytelling. With a Psychology Degree from the University of British Columbia and Spa Therapy training from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, she has always been keenly interested in human behavior, physiology and the mind body connection. As a social media consultant for VitalSines, she shares the team’s passion for providing better ways for individuals to monitor and manage their health. Kelsey lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where she enjoys trail running and hiking with her family and friends.