iHeart Cuts Through the Crap and Gives it To You Straight.

Apr 16, 2015 by Donnalyn Murphy | lifestyle

Ever wonder if it's all worth it? After sorting through all the conflicting information about what's good for you and what's not, are the things you've decided to do in the name of better health, actually doing any good? Now you don't have to wonder! iHeart cuts through the crap and gives it to you straight. iHeart tells you your age on the inside, your Internal Age.

Now what? Maybe it's great news. It could be validation that "it" has all been worth it and your inspiration to keep doing what you're doing. Or maybe the number you see displayed feels like a brick to your head, like your body is waving a white flag, furiously begging for change, a change of diet or activity or a change of scenery or something else. Maybe you're thinking it's time to get to the bottom of things you have been feeling but ignoring, like fatigue or bloating or like difficulty sleeping, concentrating, digesting, losing weight or handling stress. Or maybe it's time to face your feelings of guilt because you know you don't exercise enough or eat well enough. Maybe you do eat well and thought that was enough. Maybe you do exercise regularly and thought that was enough. Maybe you're somewhere in the middle. No worries! iHeart has your back, and so do I. Actually, you probably do, too!

You probably have a very good idea of what you could do to begin the shift of your internal age toward your chronological age, or to maintain your internal age. You know, better than anyone else, what you do, or don't do, every day, good or bad. My free smartphone app offers thirty ways to begin that uber important shift, so it doesn't feel like you're trying to move a mountain without tools, and my coaching is available for help beyond that. Central to that is the fact that since we're all different, what "works" for one person doesn't necessarily work for another and that there are things in our life that feed us, worthy of examining, yet aren't things we eat or drink.

iHeart is a gift, a beautiful, life changing and potentially lifesaving gift! That's the most important message here! Most of us live our lives with the antiquated notion that health, good or bad, is just something that happens, that we are slaves to our genes and circumstances and that there is nothing we can really do to significantly impact our bottom line. We might as well have fun till our time is up. That's just what happens when you get older. That runs in my family. That's crap! As is expecting that, because relatives' enjoy good health, you can do whatever you want and have a long, healthy life, too, like magic!

Get an iHeart, take your reading and take the message of that reading to heart! Let it be your body's thank you for treating it well. Or make positive changes and enjoy watching your internal age change for the better. Because iHeart turns biological data into actionable information anyone can use to manage their health or performance, you have the opportunity to see concrete and ongoing proof that what you are doing really matters, in real time.

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What is iHeart? It's a health and wellness tool used to calculate your Internal Age, a measure of how supple you are on the inside. How supple--or how stiff--you are inside gives you a snapshot of your current heart health and lets you track the effects of lifestyle choices on your Internal Age.

How is That Possible?: Our internal organs are soft and compressible. Compression and relaxation of these organs, associated with breathing and movements of the spine and chest, allow for the flow of vital, nutrient rich fluids through the small spaces within each organ. That circulation depends on the mobility of the body's core and can be monitored using measurements of Aortic Stiffness. Ancient health approaches, such as Yoga and Tai Chi, emphasize mobility along the spinal axis as being of great importance to health. iHeart is providing a scientific basis to support the use of these ancient arts, as well as modern fitness training techniques, for health management and longevity. iHeart provides easy access to this metric for the first time and can be your guide to improving your internal organ health.

How does it work? The iHeart System records your pulse waves and transmits them to the iHeart app which analyzes the data to calculate Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (AoPWV). That shows how quickly the pulse wave, sent out by each heartbeat, travels down your aorta to the bottom of your abdomen and back again. The stiffer the aorta, the faster the wave. Your calculated AoPWV is then compared to known values of different ages and populations to determine your Internal Age. When paired with the accompanying iPhone or iPad app, it provides a reading of aortic stiffness thirty seconds later. Here's a Quick Tutorial

Why Should I Care About Aortic Stiffness and Internal Age? Aortic Stiffness is an indicator of how much generalized stiffness you have inside and how that may be aging you before your time. Just as muscles and joints don't move well when we are stiff, vital organs in our core are impacted by internal stiffness. Internal Age is the calculation of how stiff your aorta is, the largest artery in your body, plus how your aortic stiffness compares to that of others at various ages in different populations. These calculations enable the iHeart system to determine how old you are inside. Aortic Stiffness measurements are your window into the effectiveness of your training and lifestyle choices. Lowering your Internal Age over time means that you are lessening your Aortic Stiffness and becoming younger on the inside. We have become transfixed on outward appearance, using our weight or our looks to judge our health but what really matters is what's happening on the inside. The iHeart system gives you a snapshot of how your actions are aging you. More importantly though, the iHeart system helps you get back on track, inspires you to keep going, and shows you clearly which actions are the most effective at bringing you to a younger Internal Age.

How can I get the best iHeart Internal Age recordings?

Relax and allow your body to settle for one or two minutes before an iHeart recording.

Sit still, comfortably and relaxed for entire 30-second recording.

Don't talk or move during the recording.

Slip your first or middle finger fully into the iHeart oximeter.

Ensure the finger used is warm and dry.

Place the hand used in the recording flat on level surface, like a table top or your leg.

Is Attention to Aortic Stiffness A New Discovery? No, Aortic Stiffness is well accepted in the scientific literature as an indicator for the risk of death from all causes. Measurements referred to in most studies were obtained using the Sphygmocor system which costs $25,000. It measures Aortic Stiffness using a pressure sensor placed over the Carotid artery in the neck and a pressure sensor over the femoral artery in the upper thigh. Testing is done by a trained technician and takes about 20 minutes. When compared to results obtained from the Sphygmocor system, results from iHeart closely match. At 1/100th of the cost of the Sphygmocor system, with an easy to use fingertip pulse sensor and a 30 second, simple test, iHeart makes Aortic Stiffness measurements available to anyone, any time.

Why Does my Internal Age Change from Test to Test?

Your body is very dynamic. You will see swings in Internal Age before and after exercise, before and after eating, while stressed, when you're happy, and when you're sad. These swings are normal. Blood pressure, heart rate, and other physiological parameters also change from moment to moment in a similar fashion. Keep in mind that a single Internal Age recording is snapshot of your inner health. Use it as a starting point to measure the effectiveness of your training and lifestyle choices. Because immediate stressors that raise or lower your blood pressure also raise and lower your Internal Age, you need to pay more attention to the longer-term trends you will see with the iHeart system. These trends, recorded for you on your personal iHeart website, track the sustainable effects your health-positive actions have on your Internal Age.

Does iHeart Work With both iOS and Android?

iHeart is currently available on iPhone 4S and newer generations and iPad 3rd generation and up but Android is coming very soon!

Does the iHeart System replace regular visits to the Doctor?

No. The iHeart System is for personal health and wellness education and does not replace regular visits with your Medical Doctor. It is not a medical device and not intended to be used for any medical diagnosis or the management of any medical conditions.

If you're interested, here is a sampling of the research that led to the creation of iHeart:

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iHeart was born from the passion of a Toronto medical doctor. Dr. Jess Goodman was determined to teach people about Aortic Stiffness, specifically, what it is, why it matters so much and how to improve it. The final hurdle was to find a way to make access to this information easy and affordable - He did it! Thanks, Jess!

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