On a Personal Note: Why I Use iHeart

May 31, 2016 by Kelsey Wood | lifestyle, diet, fitness, 7 Week Challenge

This year, I am turning 30. I have been lucky to live a healthy life so far. I try to eat well although I tend to eat a lot. I try to head out for a run, go to boot camp and drop-in to a dance class at least once a week but sometimes none of these things happen and I end up watching a whole season of House of Cards on Netflix instead. I try to sleep 8 hours a night and go to bed on the right side of midnight however if I’m being honest the right side of midnight really only happens a couple times a week.

My “healthy lifestyle” seems to exist in a series of fits and starts.

I have tried cleanses with juices and lemon cayenne water and protein shakes, alcohol-free, low carb and gluten free diets, weight training, spin class, running groups, yoga, dance, swimming, boot camp, etc. but nothing really sticks.

I think the root of my problem isn’t about how I eat too much or don't exercise enough or don’t get enough sleep, although all of those things definitely contribute to me being a bit of a mess at the end of the day. Really the issue is my mindset, being too short sighted and flippant to make long term goals that require the slow and sustainable change of habits.

I got my iHeart System thinking it was just another Fitbit or scale, but I realize now that it is so much more. Using the iHeart doesn’t just track my short-term progress- it puts me in touch with a long term way of thinking: how can I make small changes to my daily life to improve my health for years to come?

I have been recording my baseline Internal Age with iHeart for a few weeks now and I am consistently 10-20 years older than my actual age.

Baseline Internal Age Readings

Although initially depressing, I am now finding this to be a great motivator. I am inspired to be the same age inside and out!

Rather than jump on one of my quick-fix diets or 2-month exercise regimes, I’ve decided to try to make small but significant changes to carry on for life by following the iHeart 7 week challenge by Dr. Jess Goodman.

Week one is ‘take a walk’: walk in a park like setting for 30 minutes every day.

Sounds easy right? Not for this girl. As you’ve probably picked up on already I struggle to form new habits and no day of my week ever seems to be the same. 30 minutes of walking every day will force me to get up and go outside: good for my body, heart and brain.

It’s time for real, sustainable change taken on in bite size pieces. Wish me luck! I’ll keep you updated on a weekly basis, check in next week for my progress report. Let’s see if I can form a habit and look at the impact on my Internal Age readings at baseline and post-walk.

Want to join me on this 7 week challenge? Get your iHeart system here http://www.goiheart.com/products/iheart and follow my posts!

Author: Kelsey Wood

Kelsey is an entrepreneur specializing in brand communications and community building with a passion for storytelling. With a Psychology Degree from the University of British Columbia and Spa Therapy training from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, she has always been keenly interested in human behavior, physiology and the mind body connection. As a social media consultant for VitalSines, she shares the team’s passion for providing better ways for individuals to monitor and manage their health. Kelsey lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where she enjoys trail running and hiking with her family and friends.