Realistic Resolutions to Help You Feel Better Right Now

Jan 8, 2016 by Sarah Goodman | lifestyle

New Year's Eve has come and gone and now it's that time where everyone and their mother decides that they are going to make a complete life-180 and change EVERYTHING. How many times has that worked for you in the past? I'm guessing close to none. We see the beginning of a new year as a fresh start, which is great, but filling our heads with unrealistic resolutions will just cause guilt and shame in the future when we don't complete 100 days of yoga straight, or go from a Standard American Diet to Veganism. I'm not going to say that some cannot do this, some can, but in my experience, for most what works is baby steps. The following are realistic resolutions that can and will make you healthier, happier, and proud that you finally made one stick!

Drink More Water

This was my sister's resolution a few years ago. Not an insane lifestyle change, but something really important. Instead of drinking sugar filled pop or juices, switch it up for water. Carry a glass water bottle around with you. Throw some lemon and cucumber in there and deliver a spa like experience while at work. Sometimes when we feel hunger, we're just thirsty. So drink up. You can do it.

Eat More Plants

You don't have to start with drinking a kale smoothie every morning, just make an effort to eat more plants each day. When you're at the supermarket peruse the produce section slowly and pick up some ingredients you've never cooked with. Switch it up, variety is the spice of life. If you eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables you'll provide your body with loads of the nutrients it needs to complete all of the amazing functions it has to do (metabolize food, detox, rebuild..)

new years resolutions - find a fun exercise

Find Exercise You Enjoy

Going to the gym 5 days a week seems like a good idea for some, but to a lot of people it's a gruelling experience. It can be very repetitive and boring. Try new things and find something you really like doing so exercise becomes fun. Think yoga, rock climbing, cycling (indoor/outdoor), hiking, skiing, snowboarding, indoor volleyball, trampolining, barre fitness, walking/jogging/running outdoors... There are so many different options you can try. Also, if you want to go to the gym but don't know what you're doing, hire a personal trainer for a session to show you what to do. It will be extremely beneficial. Some trainers will even come to your home and show you workouts that you can do there without meatheads sweating all around you.

Save Money by Bringing Your Own Food to Work 3-5 Days a Week

You'll be surprised how much money you save by making your own food at home and bringing it to work each day. If you make large batches of meals ahead of time, and prep your fruit and veggies so they're ready to go in tupperware in the fridge you'll have easy to grab snacks and meals on the go at all times. Large bags of mixed greens are always a good staple to have around.

practice sustainability - iheart

Practice Sustainability

Try buying products from local vendors, go to farmer's markets and talk to the farmer's about their products. Knowing where your food comes from makes it taste better. Use a travel mug for coffee/tea. Remember your grocery bags. Walk or bike instead of drive.

Practice Moderation

I'm pretty sure at least 80% of the people that woke up hungover on New Year's Day said something along the lines of "I'm never drinking again/I'm officially on a diet/Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse...". We tend to make a lot of statements like this. We either go full throttle or nothing at all. How about trying moderation? There's no need to do a 40 day juice cleanse just because you've gone a little overboard. Eating mindfully, cutting the crappy foods (processed and refined) and being mildly active (sweating for over 30 minutes 3 times a week) acts as a full body cleanse for most. Don't shock your body and force feed yourself only things that are green. If you want to eat a piece of chocolate, eat a piece of chocolate. When you indulge in something, enjoy it. What's the point of eating it if you're just going to feel bad after? When you slowly start introducing a healthy diet, you'll feel better, and when you feel better, you won't want the crap anymore. It takes time, but be patient. Change takes time. Quick fixes never last.

bed stretching - internal age health

Stretch Each Night Before Bed

Take 5 minutes to stretch a little before bed. It will relax you, make you feel good, and by next year you'll finally be able to touch your toes.

Happy New Year!

Author: Sarah Goodman

Sarah is the CEO of VitalSines International, Inc. Her experience in marketing and public relations as well as her designations as both a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) and certified personal trainer (CPT) provide her with the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader and communications professional for the Vitalsines team. Sarah spends her time snowboarding in the winter, riding bikes, and surfing in the summer in beautiful British Columbia.