The Aorta Is Bigger Key to Your Internal Health Than You May Think

Sep 27, 2016 by Sarah Goodman | health

The Aorta - The Most Information Rich Blood Vessel Around

The Aorta is the largest blood vessel in the body, which carries blood from the heart to the blood vessels in the rest of the body. That’s a pretty important job, but the Aorta does much more than that, the Aorta holds very important information on whole body health. The secret is in the stiffness, or flexibility, of the aorta.

Aorta Image

Stiffness of the aorta, the largest blood vessel in the body is well accepted in the scientific literature to indicate risk of heart disease and risk of development of cognitive decline. In fact, Aortic Stiffness is known to predict risk of death from all causes. See our FAQ for a list of studies proving the link between Aortic Stiffness and disease.

So why aren’t doctors measuring Aortic Stiffness regularly? Because the method to calculate this information rich health metric used to be difficult and require a lot of training.

The Old Way

Measurement of Aortic Stiffness has been around for quite awhile, but only accessible to doctors, scientists, and patients that are able to see a specialist in Aortic Stiffness, which there aren’t many.

sphygmocor 'gold standard' aortic stiffness measurement

For many years the only method of measuring Aortic Stiffness was via a very expensive medical device, with a test that took Previously, the only method to measure Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity was to have a trained medical technician place pulse sensor precisely over the Carotid Artery in the neck and the Femoral Artery in the thigh, but now, there is another option that everyone can use to measure Aortic Stiffness.

The New Way

iheart was developed by a medical doctor so everyone could measure Aortic Stiffness regularly to improve health. Iheart determines your level of Aortic Stiffness by measuring Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity, the speed with which pulse waves travel down the Aorta. As the Aorta stiffens, pulse waves will travel more quickly. This is all done in 30-seconds and results are immediate.

iheart internal age/pulse wave velocity device in use

The great thing about measuring Aortic Stiffness is that you can see positive changes quite quickly with positive lifestyle choices. With iheart, you can learn what lifestyle choices have the most positive effect on your body, and tweak your lifestyle to attain a lower Aortic Stiffness reading, improving health and increasing lifespan.

The iheart device was developed by Dr. Jess Goodman so people could monitor Aortic Stiffness regularly, and in the comfort of their own homes. With regular use and positive lifestyle choices you will see your Internal Age dropping, improving health and increasing lifespan.

Who knew the Aorta could tell us so much about our bodies?!

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Author: Sarah Goodman

Sarah is the CEO of VitalSines International, Inc. Her experience in marketing and public relations as well as her designations as both a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) and certified personal trainer (CPT) provide her with the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader and communications professional for the Vitalsines team. Sarah spends her time snowboarding in the winter, riding bikes, and surfing in the summer in beautiful British Columbia.