Tips to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

Nov 28, 2016 by Sarah Goodman | lifestyle, diet, nutrition

Staying Fit This Holiday Season Doesn't Have to Be Hard.

The holidays are a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, full of fun, meals, and laughter (and sometimes stress). With so much going on it's quite easy to push your health and wellness plans to the side during the holidays. We've created this list of ways to stay motivated this holiday season and keep on track with your health goals!

Make A Plan For The Holidays

We often get overwhelmed by the holidays, with all of the events and gatherings that happen it isn't hard to push your health and wellness goals to the side, but it doesn't have to be that way. Simply realize that you may have less time, and be realistic and think about how many days you can take some time out to get a workout in. Sticking to that plan will save you the stress of trying to figure it out last minute.

Try Fitness At Home

Sometimes going to the gym/studio is a whole production in itself. With so much on the to do list sometimes the best thing to do is get that workout in quickly and in the comfort of your own home. There are many free at home workout videos that require little to no equipment. Below are some tried and tested at home workouts that we love to do when it's just to hard to make it out to the gym. As always, please consult your doctor before engaging in any new type of fitness routine.

Strength/Fitness - We love Jillian Michaels' videos for their intensity and ability to work the entire body in under 30 minutes. This workout is level one of her shred series and is free here.

Yoga - We love Tara Stiles' at home Flow class. It's easy to do and very enjoyable. Check this free yoga class out here.

Pilates - If you're looking to tone your core we suggest trying this 30 minute full pilates class, try this free pilates workout here.

Pair up

Sometimes all you need is a little motivation to keep you on track, and the best way to be motivated? Have a partner who will hold you accountable for working out! Find a friend that has similar goals as you and promise each other that you will work out together at a certain time(s) each week. Researchers say that working out with a friend has many positive factors, a study of 1,000 women found that 64 per cent of those who run, go to the gym or attend group exercise classes with a friend push themselves harder than if they went to the gym/studio alone.

Stay Hydrated

As always, it's important to stay hydrated to fight off the chances of dehydration, but also to fight stress hormone cortisol production and improve energy levels. When you're dehydrated you will produce extra cortisol and put your body in unnecessary stress. Staying hydrated is also directly related to how energetic you feel throughout the day. Even mild dehydration can affect energy levels, mood, and the ability to think clearly as reported in two studies by the University of Connecticut's Human Performance Laboratory.

Drink 8 eight-ounce glasses of water per day to stay hydrated, and increase your water consumption when exercising or in warmer climates.

Use Tools To Keep Track Of Your Progress

There are many tracking apps that you can download onto your mobile device to track steps, water consumption, meditation, and sleep quality. Some of our favourites are listed below:

Moves - track your activity for free on your mobile device.

Calm - A free and simple meditation app. Try guided meditations to improve stress levels and sleep quality.

iheart Internal Age - Using a tool like iheart to measure your Internal Age and track how you're doing over the holidays is always a good idea. iheart is not an activity tracker, but this heart health gadget provides a snapshot of how positive lifestyle choices are affecting your internal health. iheart measures a proven heart, brain, and internal health metric called Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity that was previously only available in a very expensive medical device, but is now available for you. Each iheart comes with 5 user profiles so you can use it with family and friends over the holidays!

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Author: Sarah Goodman

Sarah is the CEO of VitalSines International, Inc. Her experience in marketing and public relations as well as her designations as both a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) and certified personal trainer (CPT) provide her with the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader and communications professional for the Vitalsines team. Sarah spends her time snowboarding in the winter, riding bikes, and surfing in the summer in beautiful British Columbia.