​Workout – Refuel – Rest – Repeat

Nov 5, 2014 by Alex Ackerley | fitness

Workout – Refuel – Rest – Repeat

Each part of the above list is as important as the the others.

You’ve probably noticed when working with your personal trainer or Nutritionist that we’re constantly asking you what you’ve been up to since our last session. And you might think it’s because we want to hear that you’ve been exercising hard every day? Well you might be surprised to hear that sometimes we’d rather hear that you’ve done little or even nothing! You see, what is often a concern with some of our clients is that you might be burning yourself out. If you find that your energy is low, you get sick more frequently than a couple of times per year or even if you’re not losing that last few ponds of fat despite hours spent working out every week. You’re likely missing one or more of the aforementioned ingredients to success. It’s important to remember that your body gets stronger during rest periods . If you don’t recover properly, you won’t make the gains.

Rest: The Secret To Optimal Health

The importance of rest is paramount in any training program, no matter what your goals are. Good sleep, proper nutrition and management of your activity levels – that’s what makes a successful training program.

Rest and recovery were the subject of some debate last month when a young England Football Star chose not to play because he felt burnt out. Now the National team manager is receiving criticism for not being up to date with the current Sports Science practices.


“Accumulation of fatigue due to insufficient recovery makes the nervous system slower. The signal from brain to muscles travel slower

“If the signal from the brain arrives later in the muscles, this means the brain has less control over body during explosive football actions.

“So there’s much evidence that insufficient recovery, accumulation of fatigue & slower nervous system are dramatically increasing injury risk.”

I would add here that Raheem Sterling is an 18 year old male, with (as far as I am aware) no kids to drop off at school first thing in the morning and few of the stressors that you and I may relate to. He has to play one or sometimes two games of football per week and train on another 4 maybe only 3 of those days. My point is, if he is burnt out…. don’t you think you could be too?

Positive Physiological Changes

We’re always trying to highlight the importance of rest and refuelling for recovery with our Personal Training and Nutrition clients, athlete or not, young or old. Exercise breaks the body down. The positive physiological adaptations come during the ensuing rest period. You should recover stronger than you were before. If you’re not refuelling and resting then you’re NOT recovering, your’e going backwards, perhaps dangerously so with increased risk of injury and compromised immune systems.

If you feel that you might be in this situation, ask your trainer or Holistic nutritionist how you can improve your workout recovery.

Author: Alex Ackerley

Owner of Better-Bodies Health Solutions, Alex came to Vancouver from England in 2007 and hit the ground running. As a rehab specialist he honed his craft for two years before following his passion for sports performance (Alex played professional Rugby in England and New Zealand and has represented Canada in international 7’s) and opening up to general population clients. He built from there, meeting his now wife and business partner Melanie. Together they started Better-Bodies in 2011 and have combined the mantras of Holistic Nutrition with Functional performance based training to help enhance the lives of their clients. Alex has a degree in Sport & Exercise Science and is a certified Titleist Golf fitness Professional.