The best relaxation tech-niques for 2022


Tools and techniques individuals and practitioners can use to support a relaxation practice in spite of the barriers brought on by the pandemic.


  • 3 Stress-Busting Foods You Need to Start Eating

    3 Stress-Busting Foods You Need to Start Eating

    Let’s face it, stress is an unavoidable part of life. It happens, and sometimes when you least expect it. But what’s important to acknowledge is the impact that stress can have on your body. Unmanaged stress levels are proven to...

  • Improve Your Wellbeing

    4 Tips to Better Breathing That Will Instantly Improve Your Wellbeing

    Taking deep, intentional breaths are essential for your health. It can help lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, reduce stress levels, calm anxiety, increase energy – all factors contributing to better sleep quality and mood. But in order to get...