iHeart Pro

iHeart Pro is a special iHeart app for health and wellness professionals.

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The iHeart Internal Age™ Pro app comes with 1000 user profiles for your clients, and a detailed PDF report of your client’s results.

iHeart Internal Age™ decreases with positive lifestyle interactions like increased exercise, improved diet, and lowered stress. If your services aim to help a client in these ways, iHeart Internal Age™ Pro can provide objective evidence that your services work to improve your clients health.

Pricing starts at $9.99/mo and decreases with 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions.

1000 Client Profiles

Testing and reports are unlimited on these 1000 profiles.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports including AoPWV, Internal Age, Sp02, and resting heart rate delivered to clients after each test.

Online Dashboard

Each client that has been tested on the iheart device will have their own online dashboard to log into with access to all of their previous recordings.

Leanne Gerich

Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, Chinese Medicine Practitioner
iHeart Pro has helped motivate my clients by showing them the impact my sessions have on both internal health and Internal Age, it’s easy to use and a great investment for your health and wellness business.