iheart 设备与其他血氧计有何不同?

If you’re already familiar with fingertip oximeters and how they work, you might be wondering, what makes the iheart device different from other oximeters? It’s a great question, and one we’ll dive into in this article. 

For those who aren’t familiar, a fingertip oximeter (also known as a pulse oximeter) is a non-invasive device placed on a person’s fingertip to estimate their blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. This data is often used by medical professionals to get a quick but important glimpse into an individual’s health. 

But what makes the iheart device special, and how is it different from other oximeters? 


The iheart device can predict your risk of cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline 

The iheart device measures something no other oximeter can: your aortic stiffness. Your aorta is the largest blood vessel in your body. The stiffness of your aorta is a scientifically proven indicator of future cardiovascular disease¹, dementia², and overall longevity³. 

The iheart device measures your aortic stiffness by calculating your Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (Aortic PWV). The iheart device then uses the measure of your aortic stiffness to calculate your internal age (how old your body is on the inside). Knowing your internal age is a powerful way to gauge your overall wellness and start making positive changes towards better health. 

No other consumer-available oximeter is able to provide this kind of information.


Why can’t other oximeters measure Aortic PWV? 

Most other consumer-available oximeters only cost about $5 to make and can’t provide the level of detail about your pulse the iheart device can. As information is transmitted, it loses the shape of your aortic pulse, and can only deliver blood oxygen saturation and heart rate information. 

However, the iheart device is packed with advanced technology and sensors that retain the shape of your aortic pulse, providing an accurate measure of aortic stiffness. This level of detail normally requires $20,000 equipment and a team of specialists to determine. 




The iheart device can pair with five intelligent apps 

What makes the iheart device even more unique is its ability to pair via bluetooth with our five apps: 


iheart Internal Age

Determine how old you are on the inside and see how lifestyle choices change your scores with the iheart Internal Age App and a quick test. 


iheart Brain

Defend yourself against cognitive decline with a revolutionary new way to measure changes in your autonomic nervous system function.


iheart HRV

See how your body responds to, and recovers from, stress by measuring your heart rate variability (HRV).  


iheart Record

Effortlessly document and visualize your health data, all in one place. 


iheart Remote

Monitor participating clients’ and loved ones’ cardiovascular data from anywhere in the world, in real-time. 


5 apps, one powerful device

The iheart device can do so much more than tell you your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Paired with each app, it gives you rich insights into different aspects of your internal wellness. When you use all the apps together, you can see a detailed, big-picture view of your overall health.


Please note that while the iheart device is a groundbreaking innovation, it is only intended for personal health and fitness assessment. It is not a medical device, and is not intended for the diagnosis or management of medical diagnoses.



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