iHeart Internal Age

iHeart Internal Age™

iHeart Internal Age was developed by a medical doctor with a passion for helping people prevent illness and live longer and healthier lives. Internal Age is based on aortic stiffness, a proven indicator of risk of developing heart and brain disease that is reversible with positive lifestyle choices.

iHeart is not an activity tracker, it is complementary to your Fitbit or wearable device. iHeart tells you how the activity and positive lifestyle choices you've made have affected internal health. Start tracking Internal Age with iHeart and start the journey to optimal health today.


30-second test

Your Internal Age test takes only 30 seconds with immediately results to view on your mobile device and online dashboard.




The iHeart device painlessly clips to your index finger for a relaxing experience. No pain, no cords, and instant results.



Accessible Results

Your results are stored on our secure cloud system on your own personal dashboard, so you can follow your progress as you go.



Free iHeart® App

Use the iHeart Device with your free iHeart App on your iPad (3rd Gen+), iPhone (4S+) or Android phone or tablet (Android 5.0 or newer)