How Old Are You On The Inside?

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iHeart Internal Age App

Easy 30 Second Non-Invasive Test

Your Internal Age is immediately calculated using your Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity score. You also receive your blood oxygen levels, and resting heart rate data immediately. The data is then sent to your iOS device as well as your online dashboard for you to track and measure your progress.

Dr. Jess Goodman

Physician, iHeart President and Founder
Until now, you needed equipment costing thousands of dollars to accurately measure a person’s Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity. iHeart costs less than $200, clips on your finger and provides results in just 30 seconds.
iHeart Personal Health Tracking Device

How old are you on the inside?

Get an insight of your fitness levels with regular monitoring of the key factors that are strong indicators of your overall health. The iHeart Personal Health Tracking Device combines the power of a pulse oximeter and an Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity measurement device into one easy-to-use gadget to help you reach optimal health.

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Internal Age

The iHeart device measures Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity — a key indicator of the health of your brain and body — to track how old you are on the inside, this measurement is calculated into your Internal Age

Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity

Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (AoPWV) is proven to be a marker of heart health, brain health, and risk of death from all causes, it is the energy associated with your arterial pulse

Resting Heart Rate

Heart beats per minute while at rest tells a lot about your internal health and fitness levels. It is a strong indicator of your risk for heart problems

Blood Oxygen Level

Your body requires a very precise balance of oxygen in the blood. For your body to perform optimally, blood oxygen levels should be above 95%


What People Have To Say About iHeart


Age 36, Toronto, Ontario

Using iHeart encouraged me to stop neglecting my health from awhile. I knew I had to go back to exercise, watch what I was eating and be healthy. Each time you say ” I’ll work out next time” you put a deadline and pass it. When I first used iHeart and got my first internal age reading it put things in perspective for me. I needed to have started getting my act together yesterday.


Age 53, Australia

I thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about getting healthy and reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease or illness. If you need motivation to keep you on the right path, then iHeart is for you. Thank you for an amazing, safe, easy-to-use device to help me stay on the right track. Not just for my own sake, but for my family’s as well.


Age 41, Las Vegas

It took 30 sec. I was blown away. Completely blown away. The ease and the simplicity and the information and being able to chart the trend of our information and being able to keep up with that. It’s just so valuable for people to know, that we just had to have it. We had to be able to share it.

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