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iHeart Device

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Access new insights about your heart, brain, and autonomic nervous system health from one device and five powerful iHeart apps. 

Get real-time insights into your internal health and easily track how smarter lifestyle choices improve your physical well-being. With a simple wireless fingertip sensor, your iPhone or iPad, and a few minutes, the iHeart device delivers precise internal data, empowering you to build a healthier future.

Learn more about what's happening inside your body, such as:

  • How old are you on the inside?
  • How are your brain and nervous system functioning?
  • How well are you managing stress? 

iHeart offers better resolution (20bit) and sampling rate (200 samples/second) than any other commercially available oximeter.

Requires two AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.


Ships Immediately - Arrives in 3-7 business days within North America.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 365 Day Hardware Warranty.

The world's highest resolution pulse oximeter

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Pulse Wave Velocity
Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
Connects to apps
Unfiltered arterial pulse signal (rich data)
Detailed analysis of reflected wave pattern
Blood pressure tracking

iheart offers better resolution (20 bits) and higher sampling speed (200 sps) than any other commercially available oximeter.

The iheart device is the only fingertip oximeter precise enough to measure pulse wave velocity and determine aortic stiffness. iheart also provides valuable insights into brain and autonomic nervous system health using the iheart Brain and iheart HRV apps.

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Track your progress and reach your health goals

Take control of your own wellness with on-demand feedback about how your everyday activities affect your internal health. Now you have the power to see how every step you take in the right direction makes a world of difference. 

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Heart health data you can count on 

1. Backed by the latest research. iheart measures Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (AoPWV) to determine your level of aortic stiffness, a scientifically-proven marker of heart health and measure of wellness.

2. Superior performance. The iheart device has the highest sampling rate in a consumer oximeter, providing the unique measure aortic PWV.

3. Assess Autonomic Nervous System Health. iheart Brain and iheart HRV provide a novel way to assess strength and balance of the autonomic nervous system.

4. Track blood pressure changes. iheart is able to track changes in blood pressure that occur when standing up from a sitting position to assess Autonomic Nervous System and brain function.

Aortic PWV is used to determine Aortic Stiffness. Aortic Stiffness is strongly associated with heart health and is also an indicator of overall wellness. iheart performs analysis of the arterial pulse signal to determine Aortic Stiffness and calculate Internal Age.

5. Used by healthcare practitioners. The iheart device complements conversations with your wellness practitioner and provides accurate, convenient wellness monitoring.

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One device, endless ways to improve your well being

With one device, gain insights that empower you to improve your internal mobility, heart, brain and autonomic nervous system health.

Pair with the iheart family of apps

  • Icon app of iHeart Internal Age

    Internal Age

    Measure how old you are on the inside
  • Icon app of iHeart Brain

    iheart Brain

    Improve brain and autonomic nervous system health
  • Icon app of iHeart HRV

    iheart HRV

    Measure heart rate variability for autonomic nervous system health
  • Icon app of iHeart Record

    iheart Record

    Track the response of your heart rate and breathing to a variety of challenges
  • iHeart Remote app icon

    iheart Remote

    Share real-time iheart data to a friend, loved one, or doctor

Integrated health data, at your fingertip

Start your journey towards better heart, brain and autonomic nervous system health today.