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  • 1. Researchers

  • 2. Biohackers

  • 3. Wellness App Developers

PC-Based Arterial Pulse Analysis System

1. iHeartRE is based on the iHeart oximeter found at iheartoximeter.myshopify.com

2. The iHeartRE oximeter uses Bluetooth LE to send arterial pulse data to Bluetooth LE equipped PC’s.

3. iHeartRE PC software allows storage of data to an Excel file.

4. iHeartRE PC software allows users to simply and easily use plugins for Matlab, LabView and Octave signal analysis systems to use iheartRE data for innovative exploration of human physiology.

5. An iHeartRE GitHub page provides users with MatLab code for calculation of Aortic PWV, HRV and BP Trending.

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Login online to get access to Matlab, LabView, and Octave to further explore human physiology; or check out our GitHub page to access additional code.

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iHeart Internal Age ™ – Your Internal Age Based On Aortic Stiffness

iHeart Internal Age is a true fitness tracker. Measure your total health by tracking Internal Age, a total health metric that represents internal health.