The best relaxation tech-niques for 2022


Tools and techniques individuals and practitioners can use to support a relaxation practice in spite of the barriers brought on by the pandemic.


  • Preventing Dementia

    Protect your Brain: Understanding and Preventing Dementia

    One of the most frightening parts of getting older is the possibility of cognitive decline. Many of us have been touched by the effects of dementia in some way, whether through a friend, relative, or loved one. It can be...

  • What is Aortic Stiffness?

    What is Aortic Stiffness?

    We all know that a healthy heart is crucial to longevity and overall wellness. But did you know that the health of your aorta, the main artery that carries blood away from your heart, is just as important? As you...

  • Cardiovascular Health Problems

    Cardiovascular Health Problems Are Increasing – Here’s The Tech You Need to Prevent Them

    You may already know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in Canada. But despite greater awareness around heart health, research shows that cardiovascular health problems – including strokes and aneurysms – are only increasing. That's not only...

  • Five Things Women Need to Know About Heart Health

    Five Things Women Need to Know About Heart Health

    When we talk about heart health and heart disease, many of us assume that it’s mostly older males who are at risk. But heart disease significantly affects women, too. Unfortunately, many women believe myths about heart disease or don't understand...

  • What is Internal Mobility? 

    What is Internal Mobility? 

    The iheart device and family of apps offer a holistic approach to wellness – one that centers around the idea of internal mobility. We know for most this is a completely new, never-before-heard-of term. So it’s no surprise you probably...

  • Internal Age

    What Does My Internal Age Really Mean for My Health?

    Do you agree with the saying, “You’re only as old as you feel”? It’s a popular phrase for a reason. After all, age is only a number, and it doesn’t necessarily paint an accurate picture of our holistic wellbeing. Or...